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Attention CB&I Suppliers:

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MateriaLink's Bid Management System has delivered double digit productivity gains and a significant reduction in our operating costs.

CEO - Fortune 1000 Company

Before using MateriaLink, we spent many hours deciphering bids and creating a commercial bid tab spreadsheet. Now, it's WOW, open bids in MateriaLink and see a bid tab ready to analyze, spending zero hours to create.

Director of Global Sourcing - Fortune 1000 Company

Easy to use bid Management System that increases:

  • Employee Productivity
  • The number of Suppliers bidding
  • Profits

Transforms your bid management process by providing:

  • A standard internet platform
  • Immediate bid comparison
  • Customizable software that easily integrates
  • Procedural consistency and management transparency

Lower your costs by:

  • Significantly reducing bid evaluation time
  • Receiving more competitive bids
  • Streamlining process