Who We Are

MateriaLink provides cloud based eProcurement Solutions. Our heritage is in the Engineering and Construction Industry and we utilize our knowledge to offer simple solutions for purchasing and supply chain management requirements.

Our systems are easily customizable and can be integrated into the client’s management systems yielding an ‘end to end’ purchasing system. Data collected is presented in formats where in-depth analysis can be performed. MateriaLink utilizes the latest encryption technology which ensures that all data exchanges between you and your vendors are performed safely and securely.

MateriaLink designs its systems with simplicity and ease of use in mind including mobile technologies. Our focus is to make the procurement professional’s experience positive by minimizing the time it takes them to perform their work. Our systems drive standardization across the enterprise which eliminates time consuming cut and paste efforts in order to achieve rapid comparison of pricing and data. Efficiency gains exceeding 10% have been achieved with all MateriaLink systems.