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Global Vendorlink’s software, Materialink, is a complete bid management solution. Materialink enhances the procurement process by utilizing cloud computing technology to bring reliable results directly to the buyer.

Materialink is a web-based tool that allows buyers to disseminate RFPs and bid information to an approved list of registered vendors. Buyers post opportunities using predetermined categories or keywords. These opportunities are routed to vendors that have indicated they wish to be notified of qualifying opportunities.

Beyond capabilities of a standard bid dissemination tool, Materialink standardizes bid response packages. Vendors fill out an easy to use, predetermined web form. This ensures consistent formatting of bid responses returned to the buyer. With this standardization in place, determining the winning bids is straightforward, and catching bids that attempt to hide fees is simple. Non-conforming bids are ineligible to be submitted, returning an error message to the user.

Materialink provides buyers with an easy-to-use tool that automates many of the manual processes that slowed down their work.

With Materialink, bidders are assured:






Upon implementation of Global Vendorlink’s Materialink, procurement organizations have found marked improvement in their efficiency, costs and operations. No longer tethered to excel spreadsheets, email attachmets and constant requests from multiple vendors, Materialink enables buyers to execute their jobs efficiently.

After transitioning to a full-featured Bid Management System, organizations are able to:

  • Electronically issue a request for pricing in a proprietary database
  • Save standard bidding documentation that can be used on requests downstream
  • Eliminate buyer data entry and data errors
  • View a bid tabulation in ‘ready to evaluate’ format at the time of bid submission.
  • Drive a consistent systemic work process
  • See requests for pricing in real time
  • Have supervisory transparency
  • Leverage between like type work in bidding stage, through to recent rewards.
  • Electronically interface with other systems.
  • Electronically approve and create Purchase Orders

The implementation of Materialink turns purchasing organizations into productive departments that save time and money.