Electronic Acquisition and Analysis System

A feature rich Commercial Analysis System enables the client to share requirements with vendors to get comparable proposals making it easier to analyze commercial offerings, make recommendations, awards, and manage orders more effectively. It can reduce schedule and improve team collaboration.  Enhanced data management and spend analysis is facilitated by the Commercial Analysis System.

Our Electronic Acquisition and Analysis System is a secure, convenient, and confidential eProcurement solution to support your process.  It provides one location for all documents, files, and pricing.  Data is collected and presented in formats where in-depth analysis can be performed.


  • Management has total visibility of the procurement process
  • Readily accessible bid data in an automatically created bid tab
  • Detailed analysis includes applying dynamic discounting, normalizing, short listing, negotiating and e-signatures
  • Data compiled and maintained in the system helps to manage and strategize spend
  • Can be integrated into a supply chain process to encourage efficiency
  • Supports green procurement
  • Supports Purchase To Pay automation

MateriaLink’s Electronic Acquisition and Analysis System is accessible by you and your organization anytime, anywhere via the cloud.  There is no need to download or install any software.